Snow White

The original story of an enchanted mirror, a beautiful girl, the ultimate Prince Charming and a shiny red apple comes to life on ice, with ballet, gymnastics and aerial aerobatics to create a breathtaking and mesmerising experience.

This spell-binding show promises to be both lavish and spectacular, dazzling with its sheer beauty and elegance that will thrill the whole family.


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"As flashy as Las Vegas"...
The Times

"Jaw dropping"... "truly dazzling"...
"Surely sets a new benchmark
for both ice dancing and circus"...

The Stage

"This magnificent fusion of sound,
visual art, costume, acrobatics, ice dancing,
choreography, contortion, lighting and set design,
will introduce you to some of the finest talents
this world has yet to see on the arena of ice"...

Planet Productions

"Amazing somersaults, leaps and jumps"...
"A complete theatrical experience"...
"With the finale, Festival of Life,
looking to the future, the audience were
exhilarated into a deserved standing ovation"...

I-Skate Magazine

How we do it

Ever wondered how we transform a theatre stage into a four ton ice rink for our shows?
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